Near Orleans, the Golf de Marcilly opened in 1986 and now has an 18-hole course (par 72, length: 6303 m architect Olivier BRIZON), an 18-hole Pitch and Putt , with a length of 2579 m) and a 9-hole Discovery Course (par 28, with a length of 1278 m).

For 30 years, the Golf and its Association have focused on training many new players. Each year, more than 800 graduates are part of this dynamic. Since 1999, Marcilly has been the leader of the Central League Golf Clubs as a license-maker.
Some dates already mark the history of the Club:
1991: Best progress in the National OBC Ranking (Club sports performances).
1992: 12th out of 400 golf courses in the same ranking.
1993: Promotion of the Discovery Days (more than 1000 people per year)
1998: Trained at Marcilly from 1988 to 1992, Jacques Thalamy is ranked 5th best French amateur player.
1999: Organization of a Grand Prix with a series "Professionals players".
One event a year: to punctuate a year, you have to create a strong event such as a Grand Prix. It is a competition that takes place over 2 days, and which brings together professional players and the best amateurs of the region. We organized 3 Grands Prix The show is always of quality.
2000-2001: The French Golf Federation has launched a call for tenders to promoters to organize the French Championship on a new course. We knew that competition would be tough. So we had to build a very different and very appropriate strategy for our club. It is therefore the Sports Association of Marcilly Golf which has taken charge of the application, thanks to its effort to seek partnership and proves that many advertisers have understood the interest of associating the name of their company with this championship. We organized 2 championships of France Pro on proposal of J.C Jubert who had worked in his young years 7 years for us. The 700 players and all the staff at Marcilly Golf are doing all they can to prepare the best present for today's players and non-players interested in discovering the passion of the small ball. The effect was enormous, 10,000 spectators came, these people knew that one could come to eat in a golf without necessarily being players, and many people then tried the golf, then came to inflate the number.
2003-2004: Only one element was missing for the Pros tournaments, there were too few rooms; the media and we were a bit frustrated. So the creation of the 3rd European circuit was born at the same time with the Alps Tour, qualifying for the Challenge Tour, then European Tour. We discover this at the same time as you. All good lovers dreamed of becoming professionals, and used these tournaments to compete against the pros and try their luck for young prospects. This circuit will serve us to play our team 1 on our pitch. We organized it 2 years, but it lacked a little notoriety. This allowed us to play our pros. For Alexander Kaleka, who was very young, who passed the cut, Denis BLOT, who made 5th ... .. We followed the winners, the following years on the Challenge Tour and the European Tour.
2006-2007: The dream of becoming a Pro continued to make its way into the head of Alexander Kaleka who was in the Pole France, to accompany his passage Pro, we create Club 18. For its launch, the funding of a cadet and his first airline tickets that brought him to China, Australia and South Africa.
2008-2009: This is the beginning of the FFGolf's candidacy for the organization of the Ryder Cup. The Agglo de Tours has created a small course called the Gloriette. I was at the inauguration. The novelties are the departures in synthetics, no watering of Fairway, irrigation and design of real greens. Back I decided to redesign the discovery route by creating synthetic starting areas by delivering 1000 tons of sand. For greens, composed with automatic watering! 1 year later it is the opening of real greens. I remember, we had a visit from the secretary general of the FFG, he said "many talk about development, you do it" I found it a huge encouragement. I was just surprised not to be followed.
2011-2012: In 2011, the summer was magnificent, the number of beginners increased, the two beginners courses were full, the numbers of new players hoped by the Ryder Cup were 800,000 against 400,000, we thought that if these forecasts were good, no golf was ready for such an evolution. The golf courses in the area were only 50% full. We had to create new players, we decided to make nine compact holes for beginners. Alexandre Kaleka turned on the European Circuit, the picture was beautiful, we believed in his dreams. We rented a tractor and a forestry crusher to make a passage, s 10 hectares of reconstructed Sologne birch after the abandonment of the agriculture, it was left for the uncorking, the delivery of 1000 tons of sand, the installation irrigation, preparations and seedlings.
2013-2014: We are getting bogged down in a nagging economic crisis, we are going through 2 very rainy summers, the Ryder Cup effect is still not there, the good effect of Dubuisson is not there, the new players are waiting. We wanted to fight this gloom, and we revamped our club house with bright colors and thus, a little turned the page of the old renovated farm. Competitive golf courses are gathering, some prices are going up to welcome international tourists, beginners are not at the rendezvous. Some offers appear at discounted prices, and melt turnover, and losses flock, the economic depression is there.
2015: Baptiste Courtachon returns from 4 years of American university. We do not want to depress, for that, we needed an ambitious project to relaunch the machine. We contact Estelle Richard of the Tournament Directorate Alps Tour of the FFG and we propose him the organization of a tournament. Happy, she tells us that the number of tournaments is down, the crisis is there, and that will be difficult. No matter, we are not afraid! After a colossal search for strategy and partners, the budget is completed. The field team is motivated thoroughly, we will be able to admire and value their work. The summer was very dry, instead of moping, we will approach the interview with meticulousness to decrease the size of the fairways but make them magnificent. The bunkers are emptied of their small pebbles and replaced by fine sand. All greens dry spots are watered manually. We have rectified the planimetry of all the white race starts. We spent the summer under compliments. 130 pros players will tread the Marcilly course 10 best lovers of the Loiret will be qualified. The public will be invited to learn and follow the parties. 5 open days will be organized in all the golf courses of the Center Val de Loir Region to accompany our dynamic. Each partner can invite its customers, prospects and staff to reach 10,000 spectators over the week. It is better to think of welcoming you, than to mop for the crisis!
In addition, the Golf de Marcilly has been the subject of reports several times:
1992: "The Time of the Golf" France 3
1997: "Capital" M6
1998: "The Journal of 1 pm" Canal +
1999: "The Journal of 20 h" TF1 for "the youth and the golf".
2000: France 3 and Pathé Sport.
2008: M6 "100% Mag" on the theme "Zen activities for children"
But around the Club House, the Golf de Marcilly, it is also infrastructures and an important capacity:
  • A Pro Shop under the Golf Plus brand
  • A restaurant "Le Bistrot du Golf"
  • The St Andrews room for seminars or family receptions: 120 seats
  • Parking for 300 cars
  • 20 residences 4 to 6 people for rent