pitch and putt golf marcilly

When you are having a “discovery day”, you play on this course.

Ask at the reception if there is a good player to take you round the first time.

The players advice will help you begin the game with more enthusiasm. Teach you how to replace your divots and generally learn the Etiquette.
You will be playing on this course or the Kaleka course, for about 2 to 9 months, trying to bring your total of shots down to 45 for 9 holes played. This will enable you to obtain your “Green Card”.

The time lapse, depends on your willingness to play . After, you can start playing in small 9-hole competitions, to bring your handicap down to 40.
This way, you will be more at ease on the proper course, and your play will sometimes be easier.

We will also give you a small book on the rules and regulations, along with a small questionary to see if you have read them!
Obtaining your “Green Card” and dropping your handicap is the first level of golf, it means that you have been diligent in your learning and approach of the game of golf.
Next step, the 18 holes.